11th / 12th November, 2017
The Great Fosters Hotel
Cost: £1995


Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury weekend.

You have always wondered “How on earth do they do that?” Been bewitched and bewildered by illusions and seen the reactions and laughter that magic creates and thought “I would so love to be able to do that…”

This is a unique opportunity to become a bona fide student of the Art of melting people’s minds. To fast track your learning of killer magic routines and to learn the tricks of an outstanding performance with an expert tutor and member of the prestigious Magic Circle. Tom Thumb Magic has over 20 years experience of performing, teaching and amazing people around the world.

As well as an exciting weekend of small-group training with luxury accommodation and dining, you will also receive all the world class accessories you need to cause a sensation again and again. These are not just tricks, but valuable, cutting edge technology and modern gimmickry sourced from the very best magic creators in the world.

What you get…

 How to perform 6 of the worlds most guarded tricks to amaze any audience at any time

 Expert tuition from world renowned Magic Circle magician, Tom Luddington himself

 2 day residential luxury retreat with full dining and evening entertainment

 Develop and master the integrity and discipline of performing at a world-class level

  Includes all the accessories you need to cause a sensation again and again.

  Valuable cutting edge props sourced from the world’s best magic creators


“Stunningly beautiful hotel. Really breathtaking. The entire building is full of beautiful intricate decorative detail. The staff were universally friendly and helpful. The gardens are just as beautiful as the house. We had a great time. Dinner in the restaurant was an experience I’ll remember for ever. Clever, delicious food. Totally deserving of the Michelin Star.”


“Tom is the real deal. He is not only a master magician, but a master mentor. I’ve been fascinated by magic since I was a boy, and he has given me the ability to realise that childhood dream.”

Greg Secker
“Forget rabbits and top hats – this is mind-blowing stuff. People are literally speechless, and thanks to Tom’s amazing coaching, the magic works every time!”

Allan Kleynhans
“People are still talking about it months later – they all still want to know how I did it! I love performing these effects. So much fun.
Huge Thanks to Tom.”

Peter Burnett

50% of all profits will go to Charity. Tom Thumb Magic will only accept people who are serious about learning the Art of Magic. Clients will agree to sign a disclosure to protect the secrets of magic.

To apply for a place on the course please speak to a Tom Thumb representative explaining why you are an appropriate candidate. apply@seriouslygoodmagic.com